Monday, November 14, 2011

Nature in November

I definitely fell behind this Fall with the blog, but hopefully you'll notice there are four new entries for the month of  Although we do not have the changing of colours anywhere close to what the North has, we do have this sense of coming alive after the heat of the summer and this gratitude that it's come to an end.  I love the autumn in Texas, the weather is wonder.

Our poke plant, which we found growing down by our large pond and is also called poke sallet and although toxic, there is a method to cooking the new leafs earlier in year that is suppose to be similar to spinach - we're researching using what grows native and hope to try this next year.

the leaves turn these beautiful colours in the fall - the berries are definitely not for eating
the berries were used long ago for dying things - we had some fun with them the other day, we're going to pick more and try to paint with them.

moss everywhere - I walked through the woods after the rain and saw green everywhere on the huge rocks

 I did note that when I went back with the children for a walk and it was no longer as fresh looking - so definitely something I need to capture while wet to see it looking so beautiful and velvety. 

we found a little seat in one of the many large rocks laying around
favourite large rock at the big pond

children canoeing on Sunday - trying to give perspective to how large the rocks

pencil cactus with berries

amazing bird to capture - red shouldered hawk in one of our mesquite trees

People often comment about how much our children seem to love being around each other and they really do get along almost all the time.  Although I pick and choose what photos I share, they are probably the sweetest brother and sister  and we're so blessed to have the joy they bring to our lives.

One of our favourite trees ('big huge' cedar oak) the children love climbing on
Audrey & Jack
November 2011

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