Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

It's been a marvelous Springtime here on the land.  So many things to be thankful  Robert's started on the wrap around porch covering, which will be painted white and the roofing will be the same copper metal.  We've picked out the perfect blue for the porch floor - it's called, 'Gettysburg' and I cannot wait to start staining next week.

Porch Progress...

 Some of our new birds...
we added four ducks and 8 chicks this spring....

guinea hen

always fun to feed the chicks watermelon, they love it!

What's blooming...


we have hundreds of butterflies flurrying about...
horse crippler cactus - beautiful pink bloom

my little naturalist photographer (shooting with my old Nikon)
yellow indian paintbrush
indian blanket - firewheel
yellow crab spider having a snack!

thistles almost ready to bloom 

barrel cacti are starting to bloom

We continue to live the dream, which is about working, learning and enjoying our land.  The children are definitely our most beautiful blooms!  We hope everyone had a lovely Easter!
Easter 2012