Monday, November 14, 2011

The Gift That Will Keep On Giving....

Turning the Big 40!

the foundation for our little house
So last year for my birthday we decided to start our venture to build our little house on our 72 acres.  Robert ordered the supplies and they were delivered for my birthday.  This photo was posted last year, but I thought it would be fun to show you how far we've come in a year.  This year was a big birthday for some, not such a big one to me, but I turned 40.  Robert and I have tried to stay practical with our lifestyle while we are trying to sell our house in Weatherford. (which is finally listed)  He came up with the perfect present, which was to start building our wrap around porch.  The wood was delivered by, The Home Depot on my birthday.

chili relleno from our favourite place, Mi Familia 

the porch is 8 feet deep, adding over 1,000 sqft

the silly guineas visit the front door - they think there are birds in our house

Audrey's been practicing her cartwheels.
anyone that knows me well, knows I'm a martini gal - perfect place to drink one!
The porch floor is almost done.  Like every project, it takes a lot more work and many more hours than you'd like.  Robert's doing a great job.  It will add more than 1,000 extra square feet for us to enjoy and eventually we hope to cover it with the same copper metal roofing, stain the floor a warm brown.

Thanks, Bud for building me a little more of our dream!

I also want to say a very special thanks to my sister, Suan and her husband John who are currently living their own adventure in Ethiopia, while working in places like South Africa.  She wasn't able to come visit me for my birthday and wanted to give me somethings special being my 40th.  As many of you notice our blog is filled with more photos then writing.  I was fortunate to have a Nikon D60 when I first started taking photos and she generously gave me one of the most amazing new camera bodies, a Nikon D7000.  Thanks, Suan and John, I hope I can live up to the camera with improving myself in photography.

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