Monday, November 14, 2011

Falling Rain Brings Flowers in the Fall

Butterflies, Wildflowers and Nature around us...

We did not have many wildflowers this year after May, which was very disheartening.  However in the Autumn we got a burst of colour from these lovely purple gayfeathers.

There was a huge concern with the drought that there would be nothing for the monarchs that migrate through Texas, but thankfully some of the gayfeather and the rain in October helped.

Narrow Leaf Four O'clock - morning dew - these little beauties bloom late in the night and the flower closes early in the morning - I was fortunate to learn from one of my Texas Wildflower friends when to capture the bloom.

Asters everywhere after the rain.

rock daisies which bloom in the spring and fall

some false garlic - which are part of the lily family

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