Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Long Winter

The first book in the Laura Ingalls Wilder's series is, Little House in the Big Woods.  We started reading this book at the beginning of the year.  Audrey has fallen in love with this series and enjoys reading some of the pages herself.

We've listened to The Long Winter on cd, which is the sixth book in the series.  If you've ever felt like you've struggled with winter weather, you need to read this book and appreciate how hard winters can really be.  We've had some interesting experiences recently with winter weather.  Although in this part of Texas, usually we don't see a lot of snow or cold spells, we've had a few rough weeks.  Our trialer has had the water supply freeze up a few times, we've had some rolling electrical black outs and we've had to leave the trailer to head back to our big house in Weatherford, during the week we had four consecutive snow/ice/wild chill school cancelation days.

Seeing our Little House in the snow was quite a delight.  The wind chill of below zero really took one's breath away.  I know those from ND, MN, WI and Nova Scotia might think that this Prairie girl has gone all soft and you'd be right!

Our old kitchen table will work just right in this little farm house.
Who needs a real kitchen when you can have such a cute play one.

Over fifty yards of trenching by my husband and electrical wire and tubing to the house.  We hope to soon have electricity!

Our fuse box

We have stairs!

Insulation upstairs makes all the difference!

Here's a few extra photos from the past month...

We ended up back at the house in Weatherford for four days.  Looking at this photo recently it occurred to me that our new house is basically our garage and the upstairs.  We hope to list this house for sale in the spring, so anyone that might know someone that is

We got out our FARM-OPOLY in Weatherford and had some good family fun!

Audrey at the Young County Stock Show in Graham, Texas.  
two cute sheep

three billy goats

We have thousands of trees on our 72 acres.  Here's one of my's a huge Cedar Elm at the front of our property, so on the pastural area, not in the back woods.

ending with a cool photo of a rock entwined by the tree roots.

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