Saturday, January 1, 2011

Aghmhor: a Gaelic word meaning happy, prosperous, lucky

Google Earth photo of the property.  The long narrow strip is our private road, which we named Aghmhor Lane, this leads to our front gate.  The property is trapazoid looking with 25 acres of pastural land, where we plan to have horses and cows and the back 45 acres are heavily wooded with roads, elevation change, ponds and a lot of creek beds.

The progress continues, the doors, windows and some of the insulation has gone into our little house.  We were able to end 2010 sleeping there and waking up celebrating 2011.

We took some of our wild boar bones and made some stew over the fire.  It was a lot of fun and it tasted delicious.  

Our Weatherford House  - this house was a custom built spec home we found almost four years ago.  It's short of 3000 sqft on an one acre lot with great trees.  I'm just posting photos of this house, because it give some perspective on what we've decided to leave behind to realize our dream on our property.   Some people will remember when we found this great house and it is a beautiful house on a really neat loop, but it wasn't hard to realize we just loved our place in Graham so much more, we could have kept the house and just spent weekends out in Graham, but it would have always been a little bitter sweet leaving.  
Last Spring I painted the front door red - I will miss my beautiful red rose bush.  

I thought I'd share some of the photos from 2010 of the property.  Robert found the listing online and we went to look at it the Saturday before Mother's Day in May.  We came back for a second look on Mother's Day on our own with our canoe and kayak.  We knew we wanted it by the end of that day.

Aghmhor Lane

neighbor's horses along side the lane

big pond

Audrey taking a photo of me on Mother's Day 
I'm taking a photo of Audrey at the same time she's taking a photo of

Fields of Gold - We have wild flowers from Spring into Fall - it's really glorious!


Where we parked the travel trailer that we've been living in full time since the children started school in the Fall.

Our little trailer - it has a loft 

prickly pear cactus
the flower of the prickly pear cactus

tuna (fruit) of the prickly pear cactus

Jack and I picked quite a few tunas and then I took them back to Weatherford and juiced them.

prickly pear tuna juice

Jennifer's very own 'Tunatini'!

Audrey spotted a rattlesnake this summer, Robert was able to quickly get his gun and shoot it's head off - it was quite an exciting time out in Graham!

little brown betty

our beautiful rooster, Jillian - Robert calls her/him 'bird'

these purple beauties came out in October

Further back behind the big pond there is a little pond, which we named Audrey's Little Pond - it's beautiful back there.

Fall Hike

Our newest find, High Point - it's up at the top of a hill where you have these huge rocks everywhere - it's my favourite place!

Wishing everyone a very Happy 2011!

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