Monday, October 11, 2010

The Home Depot Delivers!

Robert made his list and checked it twice and then ordered our supplies for the cottage.  The Home Depot delivers out to Graham, TX.  (notice the, 'THE' - Audrey always points out it's not Home Depot, but The Home Depot)  It looks like the next two months weekends are full of building fun.

On a sad note, our last chicken/laying hen was a casualty to what we think was a bobcat.  Poor Jillian was traumatized by seeing her partner taken away.  She spent last night roosting on Robert's rain boots on the porch next to Sonny.  Although Robert doesn't like to humanize animals, he did notice that Sonny the morning of the incident went over to Jillian and sort of hollowed and comforted her.  One of my favorite noises in the morning are Jillian crowing and Sonny hollowing along with her. (reminder, Jillian is really a rooster)

Robert built us a fire pit out of rocks he rounded up from the back woods.  We spent a day clearing the treed area next to the area we'll be building our cottage.

Little Brown Betty has wandered into our neighbor's field of BULLS.  His herd is all registered rodeo bulls.  She loves walking with the big boys.  We're not too concerned, because she's still under a year.  Robert's found some of the weak spots in the fence and is fixing it, she's still small and seems to squeeze through areas those big boys can't squeeze back to our field.  We check on her daily, and hear her boyfriends moo and bull's mooing sounds like one might be in Jurassic park.

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