Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weatherford to 72 Acres in Graham, Texas

As some of you know, we moved out to Weatherford, Texas, 28 miles west of Fort Worth.  We were excited about finding our house on Hidden Creek Loop three years ago.  We had thought we'd found the perfect spot to raise our family and be surrounded by country life, too.  However as some of you followed our FB life, we quickly started to outgrow our one acre and our hobbies started to point us in the direction of bigger country living.  We loved the idea of having our own laying hens and that adventure lead us to getting some goats and then onto our calf, Betty.

Robert had been searching for a larger property, a place he could hunt and enjoy more nature.  He came across some interesting places further west in a town called Graham.  Graham is 90 miles west of Fort Worth.  We knew as we often know right away the moment we wandered around the Graham property it was a place we'd been looking for.  Although at that time we didn't imagine wanting to live on it full time and not just live on it, but start doing this before building a house and the adventure begins.

We moved our travel trailer out here at the beginning of the summer.  Although we hadn't discussed the idea of actually living out here full time, it only took a few times to realize we no longer wanted to live in our house in Weatherford.  This made us start to dream up all sorts of creative ideas on how to live life in Graham.

The move to live out in Graham started with registering the children for school out in Graham this fall.  We are living in our travel trailer full time.  I laugh as I post this, because we have a perfectly lovely house in Weatherford and it sits empty (full of our stuff).  Selling that house is another story and of course if anyone knows someone who'd like to buy it, please pass on our information.

Our newest 'idea' is designing and building a cottage to live in before the winter.  This is where Robert's engineering and talents will kick into action.  We're hoping to build this cottage ourselves from start to finish.

It amazes me that the people we were created to be and continue to become have lead us to our 72 acres in Graham.  The joy of living out in the country, the simplicity of living and learning how happy we can be.  I'm blogging the journey we've started here in Graham.

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  1. I love it Jennifer!! You go girl! You know Gary and I have moved into North Dallas and I just hate it! What I wouldn't give for a few acres and a small home. I am soooo jealous. A few more years (2 to be exact) and Molly graduates. Then into a condo and we build our home in the country! I cannot wait. I just hope I make it 2 more years...... This Montana girl is feeling the need....