Sunday, February 5, 2012

In December & January....

House progress...

Robert has managed to hang up more sheetrock and we have a DOOR on the bathroom, actually we have doors on all the rooms!  It really is the little

We ended up having some SNOW in December, which our friends not far from us only got a dusting, but  we got to enjoy a few inches.  I also noticed one morning the frost on everything was glistening like sugar crystals, it was beautiful.

Our small pond started to freeze over....

ladder backed wood pecker

hermit thrush

northern mocking bird

lark sparrow

Audrey's rabbit trap, covered in

I convinced Betty with sweet feed to pose for me in the snow......she's looking thick with her winter coat and continues to entertain us with chasing the car when she knows I'm coming back from picking up kids and she'll get some treats or following me on my walks in the woods because she thinks I'll feed her extra hay or sweet feed.  She and Sonny chase each other around and it's always makes me laugh and makes me think we have a lot of 'crazy' going on in the country.

winter berry on this pencil cactus

Nature continues to reward us with so many new experiences to capture.  

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