Monday, May 9, 2011

We've got all types of pressure in life...

Under Pressure....that is what Bud is feeling these days!

The romance of living minimally sometimes wears thin.  I'm laughing as I type this, but honestly sometimes I think I might not make it and then, BUD brings home water!  It has never been so painfully obvious how much we depend on Robert to provide for us and this blog entry is dedicated to the man that makes the little miracles happen in our everyday lives.

These series of photos are of Robert's trenching and laying pipe for over 3,000 ft., over half a mile.  We were fortunate to have Mike's Westside Rental in Graham, TX for the large ride on trenching machine.  We also were fortunate to get one solid roll of 1.25 in. black polyethylene pipe, which allowed Robert to roll it off into the trench.

WE HAVE PRESSURE...the good kind!  We got 90 psi which I have learned is EXCELLENT  pressure for water traveling from the water meter for over 3,000 ft of pipe.  We are still 60 ft short from the house, but I'm just thankful for water flowing this far!

We spent the weekend washing clothes by hand outside and although I'll probably be thrilled when I get my front loaders here in a few weeks.  I found the children and I had a lot of fun.

Something we don't think about when we grow up in the city is septic tanks.  At our other house in Weatherford, we have a septic tank system, but it was already in place and not something I thought a whole lot about.  Well.......I've learned probably more than I want to know, such as lateral lines and cement versus plastic.  Our big purchase over the weekend was this lovely yellow beauty of a tank......worth a pretty penny, I'll tell you!


While we were getting the tank off the truck what did I step in........UGH!
The Famous Texas Bull-Nettle!  Although I didn't see this one, I was fortunate enough to have read recently that if you rub sand in the direction of the hair, it will stop the itching and it WORKED! 

Cnidoscolus texanus

The Milkweed - although a  common plant was something that attracted me early this Spring.  We are so far behind with flowers this year because of lack of rain.  It's fun to see the different stages and also it's a favourite for the Monarch butterfly to feed on.  I have recently read that you can eat much of the plant, seeing recipes online for sauteed pods, although you might google before doing so.  I was told they were poisonous and cattle never touch them, but the recipes say once you cook them, it releases the bitterness of the pod.

Easter 2011

Robert's large food plot for deer.  He was able to plant peas and beans and it's doing quite well with the small amount of rain we've gotten this past month.  If you look carefully you'll see a turkey hen.

Robert has a second food plot for birds/dove.  It's in a different open area and again, it's growing nicely and he was able to rent a tractor to dig a start to a small stock tank.  We see lots of tracks around the tank, so happy that we are able to provide the deer and birds a place to drink close to the plots.

Another exciting time on the land - we were out checking on the food plots and we hear the children screaming.  Jack spotted a rattlesnake and the brave and smart brother put Audrey in the car and then notified us.  This is our second rattlesnake and although we ate the last one we caught, for the experience .....we decided after we saw a large RAT come out of it's belly to pass on snake that night.   

For those of you that remember Little Brown Betty - she's still with her boyfriends next door. We check on her regularly and hope to get further along on the house to then work on fixing things up for livestock.  She's very happy and growing - the bulls are very protective and I'm not entirely sure what they'll do when she's gone.  I expect later this year we'll get her back

Jack's bird shadow

The house is slowly coming along.  We've started painting the outside, 'ELK HORN' - I thought it was will have white trim, giving it a very fresh/crisp look.  I'm looking forward to seeing it finished with the 8ft porch on three sides, but all good things come to those that wait.  

Jack & Audrey May 2011

Thank you everyone for following our story.  I spent time today writing this entry, because it reminds me why we are doing this and looking back on this past month, it's had some ups and downs.  We had some scary moments with Wild Fires at Possum Kingdom, 20 miles away.  So much ranch land burned up and families that lost homes and a life lost.  We sometimes get caught up in things we cannot change and miss out on the amazing little things all around us. 

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